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Reflection, Ryan Carter

BoldOverall, i found this unit somewhat challenging. On a scale of one to ten, i'd give this unit a 6. I didn't really understand the graphs that we learned about towards the end of the unit. I also don't really get how to make an equation out of just seeing the X's and the Y's. I think i understood enough of the unit to get a B on the exam.

Studying Suggestion

seismic wiggle on a recycle paper pencil

Hello All - I've read your reflection posts, and your concerns are all over the place. Some people are most concerned about direct and inverse variation, others about solving absolute value inequalities, others graphing.

As part of your studying, remember to check out the absvalue label on this blog. It will show you all the class notes and the scribe posts from the unit.

Notes for Unit 2, Day 1


I didn't have too much trouble with this unit. At the beginning it was a lot of review and then it got progressively more difficult for me. I had a little bit of trouble with remembering what made something an indirect or direct variation.

Reflection Post

I thought this unit on a scale of difficulty on 0-10 ten being the hardest I would raste it a 4. I had a little bit of difficulty with the problems in the pink packets with converting. For Example if traveling 70 mph and you get to point A in 3 1/2 hours how fast would you have to go if you wanted to get there in 3 hours?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reflection Post

I thought this unit wasnt too hard...the one problem i had was writing equations for direct and inverse equations from a data table.


I thought this unit was okay i just had a little problem graphing the absolute values
I think I am well prepared for the test I just get confused with the inverse variations and direct variations

Reflection Post

I feel very confident about the test and everything we've done in this unit. I just have to make sure to answer all the questions carefully and read the directions well.


im good on everything but the inverse equation stuff

Reflection Post

i think i am very good at the concepts in the unit.

Mike p, unit reflection

I am pretty much set for this marking period, i just gotta go over some linear equations problems like solving x and y intercepts, but other than that im good.


I think that i am pretty much set on this unit but i might need some help with using the equation for indirect variation.


I feel alright about this unit. The only thing that's difficult is the absolute value graphing equation things.

Reflecting...Harry R.

So far in this unit I feel quite confident. My quiz grade helps to give that statement some backup.


I think I'm pretty set on this unit, im feeeling pretty confident about it i think...
writing the inequality equations is confusing.

Reflection Post

The Absolute value inequalities were the most confusing for me, other than thet the unit was easy

Reflection Post

This was a okay unit. It was review of previous years. We mostly worked on line equations and absolute value. I just need to work more on finding the slope of a equation and direct and inverse variation. Other than that everything was pretty easy.

reflection post

I feel pretty confident with this unit. The only thing that i need to practice is to memorize how the variables (h, k and a) effect the graph.

Reflection Post

I feel very confident in everything we have covered in this unit, i just have to make sure that my math is right in my absolute value equations.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the only thing that i am confused about is how answer an inverse variation and a direct variation in equation form. And also how to figure out the 'a' value in the absolute value equation.
the one thing i have trouble with are the absolute value inequalities with the line graph.

Reflection Post

I believe that i am very prepared for the test. the only thing that i think i might need work on is finding and graphing the absolute value equations.

Ryan Fero

reflection post

i feel confident on everything we've done in class so far

Reflection on Unit 1

I think I am well prepared for the test I just get confused with the inverse variations and the absolute value inequalities.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Reflection on Unit 1

I think i am prepared for this unit test. I understand all the concepts, and the notes i have are helpful.

Tevy N Reflection post

This unit was on direct and inverse variations, linear equations, and inequalities with graphing. i thought it was hard at first but once i went over the notes from class and notes in the textbook, i was able to understand it. But sometimes i dont understand how you solve absolute value inequalities from a line that shows two points, open/or closed cirlcles, with the shading. And sometimes i get confused on finding the value of x or y for direct/inverse varitations. I think we should go over it a little more in class than online.
I dont really understand how to do "k" in direct and inverse variations. Everything else, like absolute values and graphing , is really easy. I think I'll do pretty well on the test.

Review Questions

If you login to the Pearson site, you should see a new assignment called Unit 1 Review Questions. You can use these to practice for the test Tuesday.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alex B reflection post

This unit was a combination of review and some new stuff. Absolute value isn't really that hard but when you make them inequalities it can get difficult. I hate having to split the problem into two and check both solutions but theres no way to avoid it. My favorite part was graphing the inequalities because our genius calculators can do it for us. Sometimes you mess up though if you don't type it in right so you have to check. Test coming up soon hope i do well.

Matt G Reflection Post

This unit was pretty straightforward, but it was easy to get confused and get answers wrong up on homework and other things. The absolute value stuff was tricky because if you messed up on one small detail then you would get a totally different answer than you were supposed to get. The graphing stuff was mostly review, but it could still get confusing especially when you have to find all of the specifics (x/y intercepts, slope, equation, etc.). If you checked your work thoroughly then you would be fine, though.

Scribe Post for Unit 1, Day 6

Today in class, we learned about translations of absolute value functions. First, we worked through page 5 in our pink packet which dealt with graphing equations simultaneously using our graphing calculator.

We then moved onto page 6 of our pink packet and took some notes.

  • Standard Absolute Value Form: y = a [ x - h ] + k
  • (h,k) represent the cordinates of the vertex of the graph

Each variable has an effect on the graph.

h - translation right or left

  • y = [ x + 4 ] makes the vertex of the graph 4 to the left on the X-axis
  • y = [ x - 3 ] makes the vertext of the graph 3 to the right on the X-axis
  • *Be careful! Positive means to the left, negative to the right! Opposite of what we're used to!

k - translation up or down

  • y = [ x ] + 4 makes the vertex 4 up on the Y-axis
  • y = [ x ] - 3 makes the vertex 3 down on the Y-axis

a - (the multiplyer) controls the width of the graph and the direction in which it opens

  • if a is greater than 1, it makes a narrow graph
  • if a is less than 1, it will be a wide graph
  • if a is positive the graph will open upward
  • if a is negative the graph will open downward

*Brackets ( [ ] ) stand for the absolute value symbol. I tried using the one above the enter key but everytime I went to publish the post, they would disappear.

Scribe Colin Scribing about class on Sept. 17, 2009

Ok so today we pretty much graphed our Absolute Value equations and got a little bit more complicated with them. First we learned how to find the Vertex of the equation. When there is no number being added or subtracted from X inside the Absolute Value Bars, then you don't move at all. If there is, then it tells you to move horrizontally on the graph. But be careful! you move left if the number is added to X and right if its being subtracted from X.
For Example if you have y=l x+3 l then you would move 3 to the left on your graph
if you have y=l x-2 l then you would move 2 to the right on your graph

The Y value is much less complicated and is not within the absolut value bars. You can just look at the number being added or subtracted OUTSIDE THE BARS
For example if you have y=l x l +3 then you would move 3 up on your graph (0,3)
if you have y=l x l -2 then you would move down 2 on your graph (0,-2)

These will also be in the same equation
y=l x + 4 l -2
the vertex here would be (-4, -2)

There will also be numbers being multiplied by the absolute value equation. This determines the slopes of the lines that meet at the vertex. The lines have the same slope except for they are negative. When the number is Higher (such as 5) the V will appear more narrow. When the number is smaller (such as 1/2) the V will appear wider. If the number is negative then the V is upside-down.
For Example If you have y= 3l x l then you will have the line on the right's slope as 3/1 (the line on the left will just be -3) and it will be opening up with the vertex at (0,0)
if you have y= -1/4l x l -2 then you will move down 2 on the y axis and the line on the right's slope will be -1/4 (the line on the left will be 1/4) and will be opening down with the vertex at (0,-2)

Check the Class notes to see graphs!!!

Today we worked to synthesize the STANDARD ABSOLUTE VALUE FORM

y= a l x - h l + k CHECK THE NOTES
The notes will explain it from here on out, but if you have any questions, that sucks because my scribe is complete

Chris March Reflection Post.

This unit we worked mostly with Absolute Value Equations with some Inequalities. For the most part, the unit was more of a refresher of some of the concepts introduced in Algebra and Geometry. Although we did work with some problems dealing with Linear Equations Direct and Inverse variation, we spent more time talking about how to solve, check and graph various Absolute Value Equations. These became more challenging each day and sometimes inequalities or other factors were thrown in for a higher level of thinking. Overall, this was a fairly straightforward and interesting unit. :)

Hello from Sherry P.

This unit was easy at first, but became hard as it went on!! But after I studied, and looked over my notes, I started to understand. It became easier for me.

Alg2 Notes Unit 1 Day 6

Alg2 Notes Unit 1 Day 5

How My Tests Work

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Absvalue Inequalities Scribe Post

To solve an absolute value with inequalities, you use the same steps as solving a normal absolute value problem, but with one more step.

First, start solving as if it were a normal absolute value problem.

When you get your two answers you plot them on a number line. If the sign in your problem is a "less/greater than or equal to" you shade in your plotted points. If it is just a "less/greater than" sign you leave the circle open, or unshaded. These plotted points are called "critical points".

Then you pick three numbers to test in the original equation. One number must be lesser than the lower critical point, one greater than the higher point and one that's between the two points. If a test point works, you shade from one of your critical points toward the point and all numbers included in that shading answer the inequality.

Answers are written with the "x"being compared to the two critical points using inequality signs. Here are examples: 6 < x < 9
x <>9

I don't really see the point in me posting this since all the notes are already on the blog, but here it is anyway.

Notes for Unit 1, Day 4

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Absolute Value Scribe Post

Today our topic of learning was absolute value.
Absolute Value: The distance from zero on a number line. The absolute value is always positive.
To show a number as absolute value or and equation it goes between two bars.

Ex. 3= 3 or -3= 3

In reverse..
x= 3 or -3 because they are both a distance of 3 from 0 on a number line.

Steps to solve a problem with absolute values;
Step 1: Isolate Absolute Value Expression
Step 2: Split into Two Different Equations
Step 3: Solve Each Equation Seperately
Step 4: Check Both Solutions Note: this is not optional Mrs. Nowak requires it.

Example Equation 1:
+4 +4
divide both sides by 2
x=7 or x=-7
10=10....Now that I've checked it, the problem can be considered done, however the solution isn't always the right one.
Example 2:
multiply each side by 2
split the problem into two equations
Problem 1.. x+4=2x Problem 2.. -(x+4)=2x
-x -x -x-4=2x
solution 4=x +x +x
solution -4/3=3x/3
Check problem 1:
4=4 solution 1 is correct
Check problem 2:
1/2-4/3 +4=-4/3
1/2 -4/3 + 12/3=-4/3
8/6=-4/3 solution 2 is incorrect, that means its an Extraneous Solution and only solution 1 is the correct answer to the problem.

Absolute Value...

So today we learned about absolute value. Absolute value is a distance on the number line from zero. The absolute value is the same for both positive and negative numbers.
For example, -5 and 5 have the same absolute value because they are both 5 unites from zero.
Absolute value is expressed with lines on either side of the number or variable.
Treat absolute value as its own section. Do no distribute a number across the absolute value lines like you would with parenthesis.
For more elaborate equations, once you get the absolute value by itself, you must show a positve and negetive equation and check both answers with the original equation.

Scribe Post 3

Hey class its Boe. This is the review of the materials we covered in the class of Monday 9/14/09. We covered absolute value. Absolute Value is defined by the distance away from zero.

Ex1. -1=1 Ex2. -7=7 Ex3. 86=86

Example of Solving Absolute Value Equation (Unit 1 Day 3)

Notes Unit 1 Day 3

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Homework Due Monday 9/14

Login to the Pearson website. You can click the "e-textbook" link in the blog sidebar to get there, or you can type in the address bar.

When you login you should see that the Pre-course diagnostic test has been assigned. Complete this by Monday.

You'll want to have scratch paper, a pencil, and a calculator available.

You can press the Stop Test button (it's red) to save and continue later, if you can't finish it all at once.

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