Monday, April 26, 2010

Homework Probability Day 6

You can download the word document, or here are the questions:

Day 6 homework:

1. In the instant lottery, 20% of the tickets purchased are winning tickets. If Joe purchases 8 lottery tickets, what is the probability that 2 of his tickets are winning tickets (4 decimal places)?

2. Leghorn chickens are raised for lying eggs. 0.5 is the probability of a female chick hatching. Assuming independence, find the probability that there are exactly 6 females out of 10 newly hatched chicks (4 decimal places).

3. Suppose that we are in those rare times when 65% of the American public approve of the way the President of The United States is handling his job. Find the probability that 6 out of 8 Americans do not approve of the President (4 decimal places).

4. At a certain intersection, the light for eastbound traffic is red for 15 seconds, yellow for 5 seconds, and green for 30 seconds. Find, to the nearest tenth, the probability that out of the next eight eastbound cars that arrive randomly at the light, exactly three will be stopped by a red light (4 decimal places).

5. The Coolidge family's favorite television channels are 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 13. If the Coolidge family selects a favorite channel at random to view each night, what is the probability that they choose exactly three even-numbered channels in five nights? Express your answer as a fraction or as a decimal rounded to four decimal places.

6. During a recent survey, students at Franconia College were asked if they drink coffee in the morning. The results showed that two-thirds of the students drink coffee in the morning and the remainder do not. What is the probability that of six students selected at random, exactly two of them drink coffee in the morning? Express your answer as a fraction or as a decimal rounded to four decimal places.

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